Residential Pest Control and Exterminating in Nassau and Suffolk Counties

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National Pest Experts specializes in residential pest control and exterminating services throughout Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk counties. Regardless of the size of your home, apartment, condominium, or cooperative, National Pest Experts will give you a FREE INSPECTION + NO OBLIGATION QUOTE to understand the extent of your pest problem or infestation.

We are experts at insect identification and know exactly what procedures and/or chemicals need to be applied to fix any problem you may have with: Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Bedbugs, Crickets, Bees/Wasps/Hornets/Carpenter Bees, Mosquitos, Stink Bugs, Moths, Fleas, Beetles, Millipedes & Centipedes, and so many more. We have even treated cases of ladybug swarms found in air conditioning systems.  You may think one or two ladybugs might be “cute” but when you have hundreds blowing into your bedroom on a warm day, it is not so cute anymore.) You may need the expertise of National Pest Experts and we are here for you day and night.  

Have rodent trouble? Don’t worry! National Pest Experts will rid your home of the pesky rodents that have made your home, their home. These pests include: Mice and rats of all types, Raccoons, Squirrels (including flying Squirrels), Bats, Shrews, Moles, Muskrats, Foxes, and several others. We even provide removal service for birds and marsupials like Opossums.

We are experts and finding where pests hide and breed in your home

Our FREE INDOOR INSPECTION covers virtually your entire home inside and any freestanding buildings such as garages, sheds, etc. Depending upon your need, we check everything from the bottom up including basements, crawlspaces, carpeting throughout your home, and any room where you are having trouble including the attic if need be.

Our FREE OUTDOOR INSPECTION covers a multitude of locations that are generally exposed to the weather. These include: Outdoor porches, patios and decks, exterior foundations, and more.

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